Re: [Vserver] Fedora 3 Vserver Guest under Debian Sarge

From: Peter Mann <>
Date: Sun 02 Jul 2006 - 17:23:50 BST
Message-ID: <>

On Sun, Jul 02, 2006 at 05:54:56PM +0200, Guenther Fuchs wrote:
> saen> I haven't really tried, because I know I will need something
> saen> like this (but don't know where to get it for Fedora):
> saen> http://host/debian/pool/main/d/debootstrap/debootstrap_0.3.3_all.deb
> I don't think you will need this for Fedora at all, no.


bootstrap a basic RPM-based system

rpmstrap is a tool for bootstrapping a basic RPM-based system. It is
inspired by debootstrap, and allows you to build chroots and basic
systems from RPM sources.

At present rpmstrap can build basic Fedora Core 2, Fedora Core 3, Fedora
Core 4, Yellowdog 4, CentOS 3, CentOS 4, Mandriva and Scientific Linux
systems. It also has support for custom RPM-based systems managed by PDK.

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