[Vserver] Startup Scripts (Related to: sys-apps/baselayout-vserver)

From: Daniel W. Crompton <daniel.crompton_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun 02 Jul 2006 - 05:42:10 BST
Message-ID: <c17f91900607012142h629c40ecqf121492611b059f1@mail.gmail.com>


I was messing around with 2 vservers, both Gentoo 2006.0 created from
a stage3 the only difference is that one has the sys-apps/baselayout
and the other has sys-apps/baselayout-vserver.

I noticed that using the default base in Gentoo causes things not to
stop (or at least clean up after themselves when they have stopped)
and as a consequence not to start up when restarted because of a bad
clean up or because of some other error.

I'm going to roll out a ubuntu vserver for a client and was wondering
if I needed to have any replacement baselayout scripts there too?



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