[Vserver] Stopping a 'noname' guest

From: Roderick A. Anderson <raanders_at_acm.org>
Date: Sun 02 Jul 2006 - 01:35:04 BST
Message-ID: <44A714B8.8070302@acm.org>

While playing about I forgot to stop a vserver before deleting it. Homw
I have this 'no-name' guest running and can't remember how to stop it
other than rebooting the server ( which has worked on other/old vserver
kernels ).

It is frustrating. I'm tryigng to create these from a remote location
and my ssh connection keeps getting dropped and I can't figure out
where. Seems as long as there is traffic the link stays up but if
vserver xxx build -m yum ... is slow the @#$%^& ssh link thinks there is
no traffic and drops the connection.



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