[Vserver] localhost oddity on vserver host

From: Paul S. Gumerman <psg_at_cooldog.com>
Date: Sat 01 Jul 2006 - 01:51:58 BST
Message-ID: <44A5C72E.2010400@cooldog.com>

In it's own thread now -- sorry for the unintentional hijack.

I have two practically identical vserver hosts, named vhost1 and vhost3.

They are both running kernel CentOS ( x86_64.

/etc/hosts on each one is essentially the same, and the routes look good
and essentially the same.

The ifconfig output for both looks the same, and both show traffic in
and out of lo.

On vhost1, "ping" works as expected, and sshd can listen on
the localhost port 22, and can be used there (by freenx).

On vhost3, "ping" *sends* packets, but shows 100% packet
loss. Also, sshd does not complain about listening on localhost, but it
doesn't show up in netstat's output, and it doesn't work on localhost
(freenx fails).

Does anybody have any ideas? Unfortunately, vhost3 is a hundred miles
away, and one of the virtual servers is running an important mail
server, so I have to be careful. But vhost1 is here, and not so
critical, so I can experiment with it.


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