Re: [Vserver] Networking: inside and out

From: Roderick A. Anderson <>
Date: Wed 24 May 2006 - 19:29:33 BST
Message-ID: <>

Grzegorz Nosek wrote:

<snip />

> Open file limits? Missing CAP_NET_BIND or some other capabilities?
> Maybe a strace will be useful (should show you what is the exact
> error). Does ip addr show (or ifconfig -a) on the guest show the
> proper IP address?

Possibility on the file limits. I'll research. CAP_NET_BIND? Dang! I
didn't think this was a "special" capability. ( Probably need some
scripts that do common things -- like set up a guest for httpd,
database, etc. )

I'll run the strace ( didn't think of that ) later but now I have a
new(?) issue. After trying nodev in interfaces I wasn't getting the
binding to eth0. I just checked again and ........

Found the problem!!! A conflict ( I still have to find why ) with port
443 on the host and guest.

Man I hate retro-fitting. As soon as I get one checked out the host
becomes the 'host' only.

Thanks, once again, to all for suggestions.


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