Re: [Vserver] Quick question

From: Corey Wright <>
Date: Tue 23 May 2006 - 21:22:14 BST
Message-ID: <49419.corey.1148415734.squirrel@squirrelmail>

> 2006/5/23, ADNET Ghislain <>:
>> sorry to jump on the thread, just a little test : when you make the
>> vserver-util, do the "make check" worked for all tests ?
>> i have issue on the unify test on debian, perhaps you have something
>> related or a beecrypt issue ?
> You cannot use Debian-supplied beecrypt. Grab the source of 4.0 or
> newer from sourceforge or wherever (4.0.0 is fine, as is 4.1.2, tested
> on these two versions). It should be in the archives btw, because I
> remember writing about this earlier.

i presume you are referring to the beecrypt released with sarge.

if anybody is using the util-vserver (and necessary beecrypt) from sarge,
they have my sympathies.

on sarge i use the packages from, versions 0.30.210 and
4.1.2. instructions for using are at

to provide background to my previous post in this thread, the vhashify
demonstration, i'm running debian sarge with ubuntu's linux 2.6.12 source
(from breezy) patched with vserver 2.0 using util-vserver 0.30.210.


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