Re: [Vserver] Quick question

From: ADNET Ghislain <>
Date: Tue 23 May 2006 - 20:08:12 BST
Message-ID: <>

sorry to jump on the thread, just a little test : when you make the
vserver-util, do the "make check" worked for all tests ?
i have issue on the unify test on debian, perhaps you have something
related or a beecrypt issue ?

Ghislain ADNET.
> Thanks for the detailed explanation. I have done exactly what you
> said, but the two folders /etc/vservers/.defaults/aaps/vunify/hash/0
> (and the linked one /home/vservers/.hash)
> contain a separate file for each file in the 2 vservers I unified
> (i.e. twice as many files as there should be). So when I check my
> vserver files, the number of links is 2 for the unified files: one
> link from the vserver and one link from the host. But the files are
> not unified between the two vservers.
> Is there any configuration that might be necessary for unification and
> I may have missed?
> Thanks,
> -FS
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