[Vserver] How multiple disk limits within a guest are supposed to work?

From: Francis J. Lacoste <francis.lacoste_at_contre.com>
Date: Tue 23 May 2006 - 15:52:43 BST
Message-Id: <200605231052.47172.francis.lacoste@contre.com>


I've read the DiskLimits documentation on http://linux-vserver.org/Disk+Limits
and I've able to set-up one disk limit on a guest vserver without problem.

But I'm wondering how multiple disk limits within the same context are
supposed to work. It seems that you can configure multiple limit within the
same context:

mkdir -p /etc/vservers/test1/dlimits/site1
echo /vservers/test1/var/www/site1
> /etc/vservers/test1/dlimits/site1/directory
echo $(( 50 * 1024 )) > /etc/vservers/test1/dlimits/site1/space_total

mkdir -p /etc/vservers/test1/dlimits/site2
echo /vservers/test1/var/www/site2
> /etc/vservers/test1/dlimits/site2/directory
echo $(( 50 * 1024 )) > /etc/vservers/test1/dlimits/site2/space_total

I was hoping that would limit the context to 50M inside the /var/www/site1
directory and 50M inside the /var/www/site2 directory. But it doesn't seem to
work that way. It seems that the overall limit for the context is 50M and
that the size of both directory is accounted toward that limit. (Running df
inside the guest shows 50M of total space and 30M used because there is 20M
in one directory and 10M in another.)
Also, I've noticed that if I fill the space inside the /var/www/site1
directory. I cannot create file anywhere else inside the guest.

So can someone explain to me how multiple dlimits inside the same guest should

Thanks for all the help you can provide!

P.S. I'm using the stable vserver 2.0.2-rc20 with then kernel and
util-vserver 0.30.210.

Francis J. Lacoste

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