Re: [Vserver] traffic accounting and shaping

From: Herbert Poetzl <>
Date: Sat 13 May 2006 - 15:50:04 BST
Message-ID: <>

On Sat, May 13, 2006 at 03:45:38PM +0300, Nikolay Kichukov wrote:
> Good afternoon all.
> The topic I would like to discuss here is how one is able to setup the
> host so it does traffic accounting with iptables and traffic shaping
> and policing with iproute2 for a guest on the host.
> What brought me to this was a recent posting named "What is the best
> way to connect from 1 vserver to other vserver within the same host
> ?" There I learned that the guest connections actually go through
> the host lo interface?! Which alternatively made me think why do I
> ever created a file called dev with one of my interfaces there if the
> traffic from the guest goes through the host loopback device? Can
> someone please elaborate a bit more on this topic?

well, it's the way the linux (and probably many other)
network stack works, local traffic is sent via lo,
remote traffic is sent via some network card/interface

check out this ancient posting for some ideas:

> Then, having the following setup:
> dev=eth0 which is the interface that is connected to the internal LAN
> ip=localIPaddress of the vserver
> in this scenario I have an entry in the nat table on the host that
> allows the guest to use the internet on the $EXTERNALINTERFACE :
> iptable -t nat -A -s localIPaddress/32 -SNAT --to $EXTERNALIP
> is there a way I can go without that if I configure the guest with
> nodev?

dev vs nodev does not change _anything_ regarding
the way how the routing, nat and networking works

'dev' means that on guest startup, the 'ip' is
created on that device, and on guest shutdown the
same ip is removed again. 'nodev' just means that
no ip is created at all, and the specified 'ip'
is considered to exist already ...

> Now about the traffic accounting topic, which are the tables that the
> packets generated from the guest and going back to the guest traverse
> to get to the internet on the $EXTERNALINTERNET eth1? If dev contains
> eth0, that is the internal interface and the other variant with nodev?

there is no 'internal' interface except for lo for
local traffic, for the 'external' traffic, the routing
and device setup will decide which ip and interface
is used ...

> The other point is about traffic shaping and policing. I use tc to do
> traffic shaping and policing for computers in the LAN and for the host
> itself. Now if I want to add limits for the guest, can I use eth0 to
> limit the max allowed outgoing speed? And then the max download speed
> on eth0? As a summary - will the packets on the guest go through the
> eth0?

everything, including the traffic accounting and
network shaping work like on a normal linux system,
all connection from a guest can be considered like
the host connections, so all that stuff is identical
to a linux system without the Linux-Vserver patch

> Maybe that e-mail got too long and difficult to follow.
> Any help or further questions will be appreaciated...


> Thanks and Regards,
> -Nik
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