Re: [Vserver] LinuxTag 2006

From: Mike Schneider <>
Date: Wed 10 May 2006 - 12:54:55 BST
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Matt Ayres wrote:
> Mike Schneider wrote:
>> as most of you will know, we had a booth a Linuxtag 2006 which
>> took place in Wiesbaden from May 3rd to 6th. Kudos go to DerJohn who
>> organized the whole thing.
>> At the booth we had some servers running VServer in a 19'' rack and
>> a multi-seat workstation which had the individual seats running inside
>> it's own VServer each.
> I'm glad to hear things went over well. How was the response to Linux
> VServer versus the other virtualisation technologies out there? This
> seems to be the first large demonstration of this project to the general
> public and I am curious (as I'm sure some others are too).

A question that was asked a lot was
'what is the difference to [Xen|UML|VMware|...]'
I need not answer this question on this list. We were able to
distinguish ourselves and got a lot of people interested enough
to say they'll try it out.

A point that we could almost always drive home is that VServer
distiguishes itself from other solutions in being so simplicistic
and always on top of new kernel development that it can easily be
combined with other applications:
  - combination with drbd to gain failover
  - combination with multi-seat technology to gain hardened multi-seat

> Also, this web interface... any details? Website?

Sorry, can't say none about that. I met the guy who's writing it
and I hope he'll read this and come forward.

Mike Schneider

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