[Vserver] VPS time differ from HOST time ??? why

From: Sébastien CRAMATTE <contact_at_zeninteractif.com>
Date: Tue 09 May 2006 - 13:32:51 BST
Message-ID: <44608BF3.2050402@zeninteractif.com>

VPS time differ from HOST time ??? why

I've changed my host server time
but my VPS keep running with the old one.

If I try to do change date inside vps I obtain operation not permited
and It's correct because
I haven't added the cap to do that.
So anyone could tell me how can I update datetime without give cap ?
It seems to be logical the host give datetime to all vps.

I will go to synchronise the host date/time with ntp
but in this case what about my VPS ?



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