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From: Mike Schneider <mike.schneider_at_ipsi.fraunhofer.de>
Date: Mon 08 May 2006 - 10:42:13 BST
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Hi everyone,

as most of you will know, we had a booth a Linuxtag 2006 which
took place in Wiesbaden from May 3rd to 6th. Kudos go to DerJohn who
organized the whole thing.

At the booth we had some servers running VServer in a 19'' rack and
a multi-seat workstation which had the individual seats running inside
it's own VServer each.

Bertl arrived late on Thursday and held a talk on Friday. It was
supposed to be a hands-on workshop, but too few people remembered
to bring their laptops with them. So Bertl shared his wide and deep
knowledge and many people listened interestedly for three hours.

At the booth, we had to personally answer questions to anyone who
wondered what 'Linux-VServer' might be, as we yet have to develop
nice pictures to hang inside such a booth that will explain what
this does. Nonetheless, we had lots of opportunity to demonstrate
VServer in it's simplicity and potency and many people seemed ti
be genuinely interested to try it out.

The aforementioned multi-seat workstation was devised by Zeng. It had
three graphics adaptors (or was it four?) and as many keyboards, mice
and speakers. The displays were connected to a graphics adater each, the
KMS were connected via USB. It was easily possible to work on all three
seats, even gaming was fun at these machines. But the best thing was to
demonstrate what VServer will do for a multi-seat: do a kill -9 -1 in
root-context and you only kill the seat you got root for.

This setup was the piece of attraction at our booth, even Mark
Shuttleworth called it 'amazing technology'. Zeng said he is determined
to follow this through. Next time, he'll need his own booth for the
Linux VDesktop Project :)

Another new thing we could show was a web-management application that
a friend of Ben_ wrote for VServer. The thing is able to manage multiple
host servers and their respective guest servers. A lot of suit and
tie-types specifically asked for management interfaces and it would be
a good thing to see this prototype come to a release.

Through social networks (i.e. someone knew someone who ...), we had
Mark Shuttleworth visit our booth. Luckily, Zeng had set up his
multiseat with Ubuntu and Kubuntu. Mr. Shuttleworth seemed deeply impressed.

All in all we had a very good time and we hopefully able to attract many
new users to VServer.

Kudos go to:
DerJohn for organizing the whole thing.
Zeng for his zany demonstration object 'VServer Multiseat'
The author of the web-interface for the demo prototype.
All of those who manned or wisited the booth:
Bertl, morrigan, cehteh, Gonzo, Loki|muh, cemil, BenBen, Doener,
Hollow, dschingen, _are_, zeng, Milf
All of those who bough trays of Jolt cola: Gonzo, _are_, Sven, Milf
Gonzo for providing webcam services :)

So much for this show. But as most germans will know: 'After the
game is before the game', we should also look at things which can
be done better next time.

We were able to improvise little cards to hand out with the wiki's
URL, but some fact sheets with information might have been better.

Bertl provided some banners made from A4-paper (which in turn, cehteh
and Milf puzzled together). But before we had those, our booth looked

_are_ provided his own slides to explain the combination of drbd and
VServer, but apart from that, we had no cool pictures to show, so we
had to explain everything in words.

So to hopefully do better next time, here are some wiki topics:
http://linux-vserver.org/linuxtag2006 - please add your thoughts about
the show
http://linux-vserver.org/Dates+and+Planning - please add any dates
concerning VServer that you might know: talks, releases, tradeshows ...
http://linux-vserver.org/Work+Retreat - we might want to get together
and do some work and socialize. Linuxtag was great for socializing,
but it just wasn't really possible to do any work.
http://linux-vserver.org/VisualAids - We need pictures!

Ok, I droned on too long, I thank you for reading this far.


Dipl. Inform. Mike Schneider
IT Systems Management Associate
IT-Systems Management Division
Fraunhofer IPSI
Dolivostrasse 15, 64293 Darmstadt, Germany
Phone: +49 6151 869-845, Fax: +49 6151 869-819
E-mail: mike.schneider@ipsi.fraunhofer.de

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