Re: [Vserver] version confusion

From: Benedikt Böhm <>
Date: Fri 28 Apr 2006 - 12:49:09 BST
Message-ID: <>

On Fri, 28 Apr 2006 06:55:29 -0400
Chuck <> wrote:

> we use gentoo exclusively in our servers,
> ...
> also, we will be moving to amd64 arch using multiple opteron dual
> core processors for all machines except one which will remain x86. is
> the vserver amd production branch 'in sync' with the x86 branch?

yes, it is

> if i
> used the devel branch is it as stable as the x86 was?

hard to say, but in general it will work as good or bad as the other

> any caveats with the amd branch at this time? we have no need for
> most of the advanced features of linux-vserver so far and only use
> the most basic of capability options.
> i have been told by a close friend who does a serious amount of video
> production work using the amd gentoo versions that we should only use
> the ~ branch of both gentoo and linux-vserver and that it would be
> stable for us. he has the ~ combinations out in production in
> literally hundreds of installations... comments on that?

i would not run production system with ~arch, this branch is just too
fast moving, and i wouldn't even rely blindly on the stable branch,
espacially with critical packages like php, mysql and things, which are
known to break during upgrades from time to time if you're not up to
date with changes to config and such..

> just a bit of confusion here... our current version has proven rock
> stable for us, and in this new amd environment i don't want to
> sacrifice this.


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