Re: [Vserver] some questions about debian-vserver

From: Peter Mann <>
Date: Fri 28 Apr 2006 - 05:37:19 BST
Message-ID: <>

On Thu, Apr 27, 2006 at 10:38:23AM +0200, alexander goeres - wrote:
> vserver-kernels. But my last experience with the debian-util-vserver tools
> stands strictly against it.
> So I'd like to know if anyone here has already gathered experience with these
> debian kernels? Do they work? Better than debian util-vserver? Are there any
> flaws included beyond "normal" vservers?

Package: vserver-debiantools
Depends: util-vserver, debootstrap (>= 0.2.41-0.2), binutils, rsync
Description: Tools to manage debian virtual servers
 This package contain tools to manage debian based virtual servers.
 There are tools to create and duplicate a virtual server. There is also a
 tool to strip a copy of a normal debian installation from hardware dependent

vserver-debiantools contains 'newvserver' script for creating virtual
servers with debootstrap ...

Package: util-vserver
Version: 0.30.210-7bpo2
Description: user-space tools for Linux-Vserver virtual private servers
 The util-vserver project provides the user-space tools for creating and
 managing the virtualization technology known as vservers. Vservers are a
 significantly advanced jail mechanism running inside a host linux server.
 Vservers can be used to securely partition resources such as processes,
 memory, network; logically separate services or run entirely different
 distributions all on a single system. Virtual private servers are separated
 from each other through security contexts, and as a result are completely
 unaware of each other, or of the host itself.
Tag: hardware::emulation, role::sw:server

util-vserver is for managing virtual servers ... i'm using backported
util-vserver for vserver 2.x and kernels 2.6.x ... sarge version
0.30.204-5sarge3 is sufficient for vserver 1.2.x and kernel 2.4.x

try backported package for sarge:
apt-get -t sarge-backports install util-vserver

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