Re: [Vserver] secure a guest against the host's root-account

From: Oliver Welter <>
Date: Mon 24 Apr 2006 - 14:44:09 BST
Message-Id: <>

Hi Mike, Serge,

>>> So, is there any way to do this ? I guess that SELinux/GR will offer
>>> some pointers to forbid root these actions, but are there any "easier"
>>> ways ??
>> Sounds like SELinux is the tool of choice for that.
> And if your concern is with the host's admins, not with exploited root
> apps on the host server, then selinux still won't help you. second question here on the list regarding TPM support
would be a great possibility to ensure and certifiy a certain state of
the Root-Server.

But to keep on track - are they any good howtos for SELinux/vserver


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