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From: Jonathan Dray <jonathan.dray_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun 23 Apr 2006 - 18:07:02 BST
Message-ID: <5e1b46ec0604231007ncf6f72che855e9600da7dfb6@mail.gmail.com>

Sorry I don't know if my previous mail was sent because of the email
verification service :

I've successfully installed Vserver on a debian etch with a 2.6.15 patched
kernel and started my first guest a few days ago.
I'm now looking for help/information about two features I acually didn't
find :

  - iptables support in guest environnement. I am forced to use the host
iptables configuration to grant security which is not very handy. It is not
possible to give a guest specific security management for it's ip address.

  - udev management for devices in guest environnement.

I was searching for documentation / tutorials for the above specific topics.

Could you give me a hint ?
Maybe i missed something ?

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