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From: ehab heikal <>
Date: Sun 23 Apr 2006 - 12:02:19 BST

This is just a thought . As other virtualization technologies are
gaining momentum we need to make this one as easy as possible for the
newcomer to widen our user base and potentially be included in the
mainstream kernel. Which is was swsoft want to do with their virtuozzo

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Hi Folks,

> I'm agree, I've prefered the old vserver style to configure with one
> file per vserver like in freevps
> Moreover most of Linux program use only one file to config ...
> I don't see where is easier to maintain it ? ...

It's much easier to deploy and modfiy the configuration on this basis
when using automated scripts...I use vserver to implement some failover
stuff and unfortunately the boxes differ sligthly - this way its much
easier to sync only certain files, and ignore others. Besides it is
easier to just put some own config stuff vor own scripts.
So I prefer this style as it is easier to manage by scripts


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