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Date: Wed 19 Apr 2006 - 17:18:43 BST
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Posted by: ScuttleMonkey, on 2006-04-19 01:37:00

   VirtualizationBuff writes "KernelTrap has a [1]fascinating interview
   with Andrey Savochkin, the lead developer of the OpenVZ server
   virtualization project. In the interview Savochkin goes into great
   detail about how virtualization works, and why OpenVZ outshines the
   competition, comparing it to VServer, Xen and User Mode Linux.
   Regarding virtualization, Savochkin describes it as the next big step,
   'comparable with the step between single-user and multi-user systems.'
   Savochkin is now focused on getting OpenVZ merged into the mainline
   Linux kernel."


   1. http://kerneltrap.org/node/6492

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