[Vserver] About the tcp/ip stack ...

From: Sébastien CRAMATTE <contact_at_zeninteractif.com>
Date: Sun 16 Apr 2006 - 19:37:44 BST
Message-ID: <44428EF8.1060706@zeninteractif.com>


I've got few questions about the tcp/ip stack ...
Few days ago I've tested freevps o a debian with 2.6 kernel ...

in each vserver appear a "lo" loopback interface and a "ethX"
virtual interface.
so it's possible to install quasi all packages ... except DHCPD for

FreeVPS can't handle dhcpd VSERVER but seems to isolate more each server ?

This the answer from FreeVPS team to my question "Does it possible to
run ISC DHCPD server under Freevps"

"original vserver don`t use virtualization for tcp stack.

all vps`s and host use same stack, but freevps virtualize tcp stack for
decrease load.
I`m sorry, but it`s only second requests for this feature after 3 years
FreeVPS project..."

"I don`t try this but it`s can be don`t work with FreeVPS.
dhcpd use bpf for get requests, but bpf level very poor virtualizated at
I have plan to rewrite vnetdev module for use L2 address for separate
packets between contexts and ability use any vps as default gateway for
all other, but it`s not for 1.5 branch.
At current time separate packets between contexts work with L3 addresses

What are the exact difference between FreeVPS and Vserver ?

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