Re: [Vserver] Plesk in vserver

From: Baltasar Cevc <>
Date: Sat 15 Apr 2006 - 23:08:37 BST
Message-Id: <>

I'm not sure whether I've correctly understood what you mean. Doesn't
qmail start?
When that's your problem, I assume the solution would be to create an
init script or to use the real init instead of fakeinit. DJB's
daemontools usually start using the inittab which will fail with
fakeinit, as fakeinit will only start the init scripts that are in the
current runleven (or some default runlevel; I'm not sure about that).
So try to create a init script with the following contents and link it
to the appropriate place:
    /command/svscanboot &

Hope that helps,

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