Re: [Vserver] error and vserver does not start

From: Sebastian Harl <>
Date: Wed 05 Apr 2006 - 09:18:18 BST
Message-ID: <>


> >Don't you have the "grep" command ?
> yes

Then you need to install it ;-) ... I suppose however, you wanted to say "No -
I do have the 'grep' command." ;-)

> >You should care about the "/etc/init.d/vprocunhide" startup script, and
> >make appropriate links to start it at boot time (if I remember correctly,
> >the installation procedure doesn't handle this).
> >
> on debian it is started by /etc/init.d/util-vserver which returns no error

There is no such file in Debian. You should call /etc/init.d/vprocunhide
manually and enable it on boottime, by running "update-rc.d vprocunhide


Sebastian "tokkee" Harl
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