[Vserver] ifconfig problem with virtual interfaces

From: Raimund Specht <Raimund.Specht_at_genua.de>
Date: Mon 23 Jan 2006 - 11:31:53 GMT
Message-Id: <200601231231.53822.Raimund.Specht@genua.de>

Hi !

We have a very strange problem here with virtual IP addresses (various
up-to-date 2.6 kernels with vserver 2.0):

Let eth0 have a normal IP address. Let v1 and v2 be two vservers with a
virtual IP on eth0 each.

# vserver v1 start
# vserver v2 start

ifconfig shows eth0, eth0:v1, and eth0:v2 as expected, everything works.

# vserver v1 stop

Now ifconfig shows that all virtual IPs have been removed although
vserver-stat shows that v2 is still running. Networking with v2 doesn't
work either. This only happens if the vserver, that was startet first, ist
stopped. Other orderings work fine.

This problem is not vserver related, we can reproduce it on non-vserver
systems/kernels too. The following commands reproduce it on 90% of our
systems (Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, all with Linux 2.6):

# ifconfig eth0:1
# ifconfig eth0:2
# ifconfig eth0:1 del

Does anyone else have this problem?
Any workaround except defining an eth0:dummy interface outside any vserver?

By(e): Raimund.
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