[Vserver] lsixd error

From: jean-marc pouchoulon <jean-marc.pouchoulon_at_ac-montpellier.fr>
Date: Thu 19 Jan 2006 - 07:22:47 GMT
Message-ID: <43CF3E47.5000406@ac-montpellier.fr>


Could anyone told me why lsxid seems to be broken ?
( 2.6.15 kernel fedora 4)

lsxid /vservers/etab/
!!ERR!! /vservers/etab/
!!ERR!! /vservers/etab/bin
!!ERR!! /vservers/etab/boot
!!ERR!! /vservers/etab/dev
!!ERR!! /vservers/etab/etc
!!ERR!! /vservers/etab/halt
!!ERR!! /vservers/etab/home
!!ERR!! /vservers/etab/lib

thanks in advance

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