[Vserver] RSS vs. AS, and swap.

From: Robin Lee Powell <rlpowell_at_digitalkingdom.org>
Date: Thu 12 Jan 2006 - 00:38:58 GMT
Message-ID: <20060112003858.GE22473@chain.digitalkingdom.org>

I want my VServer to not be able to choke my real server by using up
all the RAM, so I set an RSS limitation. As you can see, it's not
working very well:

PROC: 72 142 -1 0
VM: 104883 223551 -1 0
VML: 0 0 -1 0
RSS: 56597 131072 131072 356

The problem I'm having is that instead of swapping things out,
processes simply get killed, even when there's lots of swap left.

So, I'm wondering:

What do RSS and AS actually *mean* when applied to the whole

Is fork_rss on be default? If so, how do I turn it off?

How do I limit RAM usage on the VServer *and* let it use up swap
before it starts killing things?



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