Re: [Vserver] [OPoll] BME inclusion into next stable release

From: Christian Heim <>
Date: Fri 06 Jan 2006 - 22:30:08 GMT
Message-Id: <>

On Friday 06 January 2006 23:15, HP wrote:

> please check (X) all points which apply ...
> (according to your opinion)
 [ ] I had no idea about this issue/deficiency
 [X] I did already know about it

 [X] I'm already using BME (or similar) patches
 [ ] I will start using BME patches now
 [ ] I do not need/use this 'feature' at all

 [X] I think this SHOULD get into the next
       stable Linux-VServer release because ...

      [X] I am using it/want to use it
      [ ] It's more a bugfix than a feature
      [X] I like the idea of ro --bind mounts

 [ ] I think this should NOT be included into
       the next stable release because ...

       [ ] it is not thoroughly tested
       [ ] it is not mature enough
       [ ] it adds unnecessary code
       [ ] it should better be fixed in
             the mainline Linux Kernel

As I said earlier, IMO it's a must feature (at least for me) for the next
stable release. But I really tend to agree with Eyck, it should really get
fixed/pushed to mainline ...

> TIA,
> Herbert


Christian Heim <>
Gentoo Linux Developer - vserver

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