[Vserver] Big Problem with vshelper.init and xid

From: Sascha Holtbrügge <sascha_at_bwcommunity.net>
Date: Wed 04 Jan 2006 - 11:51:16 GMT
Message-ID: <000c01c61125$2b643f10$6401a8c0@homepcsascha>

sorry for my bad english, upfront ;)

I've got a very big problem with Linux version - my vservers doesn't start :(

The error description is:

victoria:/vservers/suse92 # vserver suse92 start
vshelper.init: can not determine xid of vserver 'suse92'; returned value was ''

An error occured after executing the vserver startup sequence. This
means that some processes may exist in the created context and the
manual execution of

  /sbin/vserver '/etc/vservers/suse92' stop

Of course I've attempt this more than one time, without any profit :(

I hope, you can help me.


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