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From: Chuck (chuck_at_sbbsnet.net)
Date: Wed 28 Sep 2005 - 11:21:07 BST

I presently have nagios set up in a guest on a temporary host. We will soon be
moving everything to a single 'monster' machine with a backup machine for
fail-over. The reason for this background is this:

1. Can I somehow set things up so a guest can execute a pre-defined command
script on the host? This would allow nagios to do things like re-start a
guest if it is not responding.

2. Alternatively I could run nagios on the host. What would be any performance
impact on the guests if I were to do this? It would check approximately 100
customer routers and maybe 3 other machines. This would be the extent of any
network resources used, the rest of the checks would be done to the guests
( about 70 checks to do locally) and the fail-over machine.

I suspect option 2 is my best way but it would still be nice to know if option
1 could be done. :)

I understand the need to keep the host as 'clean' as possible, but in real
world situations, I would assume no performance impact or at least minimal if
the host runs low resource services such as ntpd, private sshd etc.

I am wondering where nagios would fall in the low-impact definitions? Although
it has a lot of work to do, it appears to use very few resources.



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