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From: Chuck (chuck_at_sbbsnet.net)
Date: Tue 27 Sep 2005 - 00:42:45 BST

I sometimes have a problem with a stop timeout when using
vserver guest stop

it appears randomly.. the only thing I can think of is i try to run it too
soon after exiting the guest. I find if I wait a bit before stopping the
guest i do not get this error.

here is the error

prometheus colossus # vserver colossus stop
A timeout occured while waiting for the vserver to finish and it was
killed by sending a SIGKILL signal. Please investigate the reasons
and/or increase the timeout in apps/vshelper/sync-timeout.

an unfortunate result of this is it also kills my single running production
guest and I have to remove the /var/run/vservers entry for it then i can
restart it.

is this killing a guest I do not want stopped a normal byproduct of this
timeout error? I'm not sure where the problem is.. I have the gentoo inittab
fix installed so it is not that.

i dont get this on the other host i have guests on at all. the only thing that
is different, is this is an smp machine and it has a running qmail
installation in the host temporarily until i get time to move it to a guest.

the guest was installed using link copy from the template as all the others
have been.

I create the basic guest skeleton then remove the existing directories within
the guestname and then do

cp -al template/* new-guest

then do

find new-guest -type f -exec setattr --iunlink {} ';'

then i go into the guest /etc directory and configure it and then start it and
enter it.



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