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From: Chuck (chuck_at_sbbsnet.net)
Date: Mon 19 Sep 2005 - 04:32:44 BST

when using the /etc/init.d/vservers start command, it started all servers
including the template which i dont want to autostart.. Aiken told me about
mark files. I didn't have any in my /etc/vservers/guestname/apps/init
directory.. only thing in there was style

btw this is a gentoo system and the vserver host and template install were
according to the hollow how-to, and i manually cloned the guests from the
template by first using hollow's instructions to create a skeleton then doing

cp -al template/* guest

then running

find guest -type f -exec setattr --iunlink {} ';'

then i go in and edit configs. the lnkage breaking works fine it seems.

so then back to the problem, in the 2 i want autostarted, i placed a mark file
in there with the contents of a single line that said


then i put a mark file into my template with a single line


now it starts them properly

however, shutdown by /etc/init.d/vservers stop

has an instant return and the guests are still running and continue to do so.
i have to shut them down with vserver guest stop then it times out as it has
been and stops the guest. so for the heck of it i removed the mark files
completely and the init script starts all and shuts down all properly but it
includes my template.

confused... im about to put the veserver guest start commands into my local
startup file and the stop command into the local stop file

any clues why the init would return immediately and basically do nothing on
stop? after i stop them with vserver util, i run the iniot with vstatus and
it still shows that servers are running of type default.



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