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From: Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Fri 16 Sep 2005 - 17:59:49 BST

On Fri, Sep 16, 2005 at 11:34:44AM -0400, Chuck wrote:
> and possible additions
> proper editing will be done after the information within is accurate.
> -----------------------------------------------------
-- gentoo specific
> set up host as per gentoo how-to
> and create template as it specifies.

-- generic ... after creating a 'template' guest
> add desired common services.
> start and test the template.

> create new-guest using skeleton method.
will only create a skeleton not a full featured guest :)

> cd into it and remove all entries
not required, there are none, except for /etc /proc
both empty dirs, and /dev which contains proper devices
for a new guest/template ...

so actually you'd want to _save_ those /dev entries
somewhere, to _replace_ the installed/created ones
with this limited (known clean) set ...

> then copy with
-- gentoo specific
> cp -la gentoo/* new-guest
> to create hard links to the gentoo template.

will not copy the .[a-zA-Z]* files you might want
to copy too ...

> cd into new-guest and
> remove completely, etc, root, home and var
> i have setups for most internet services on
> the gentoo template and a regular user defined
-- gentoo specific
> therefore home gets moved too. (should /usr/portage
> be moved and later recopied as 'real' files?)
> if i want to remove the ability to run certain
> services in this vserver, now is the time to
> remove the links to them so they are no longer a part
> of this guest.
> this is only necessary when allowing others
> shell access. most people would create a very
> minimal template server so this normally would not
> be necessary, but with my setups, i want all
> services available to every server even if i do
> not run them.
> then run setattr --iunlink * ONLY in the following
> directories inside new-guest
> bin
> sbin
> lib
> usr/bin
> usr/sbin
> usr/lib
> (should there be others?)
> setattr --~iunlink undoes any damage done to files that should not
> have that attribute.

be careful, unifying most of the files will work
on stable (vs2.0.x and vs1.2.x) too, but this
actually assumes CoW link breaking, which is only
present in 2.1.x (and then only if enabled)

> then cp -Rp /vservers/gentoo/etc and var and root and home
> this will give real files to edit and use in the new-guest config.
> configure new-guest as necessary
> start new-guest and enter to verify its operation.


> -----------------------------------------------------------
> --
> Chuck
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> and asked 'Why do you not get the viruses or the BlueScreensOfDeath
> or insecure system troubles and slowness or pay through the nose
> for an OS as *we* do?!!', and I answered...'I use Linux'. "
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