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From: Chuck (chuck_at_sbbsnet.net)
Date: Thu 15 Sep 2005 - 02:54:09 BST

I set up 4 vservers on my secondary workstation which is the machine I am
using to experiment with. Absolutely incredible! The performance is
staggering. How did you do it? I hit these with all kinds of intense
scripting to emulate high usage on ftp file xfers, a setiathome computational
machine with nice turned off, a ton of randomly selected web hits and a
video being served streaming, and a mysql 'thumb through' a large test
database displaying each record for 2 seconds all the while i used the remote
gui workstation from my other machine.

with all this going on I could hardly notice any performance degradation at
all on a single processor 933mhz machine !!!!!!

I am MORE than impressed!!

I don't think I will ever build another machine, even for my personal use that
is not 'vserver' ready. It just doesn't make sense not to. If I never use it,
it is a normal machine. If I want to use it, a few configs and it is up and

my next step is to move the remote kde workstation code into a vserver and get
it off the host and see how that works :D

once I figure that out then my next step is to figure out how to clone the
template vserver without physically copying everything into a new
directory. :)



"...and the hordes of M$*ft users descended upon me in their anger, and asked 'Why do you not get the viruses or the BlueScreensOfDeath or insecure system troubles and slowness or pay through the nose for an OS as *we* do?!!', and I answered...'I use Linux'. " The Book of John, chapter 1, page 1, and end of book

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