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From: Daniel Kraft (wam_at_spotlite.de)
Date: Wed 14 Sep 2005 - 10:36:54 BST

[eMAXX] Sys-Admin (sys-admin_at_emaxx.nl) schrieb:

> The main concern I have, is to keep Vserver updated when it's running.
> Debian got a great packiging system, but how should I upgrade Vserver
> (that was build from scratch) when a new version is released? Build
> again from scratch? That's why I tried the sources from
> http://linux-vserver.derjohn.de/ first.
> I saw Debian unstable adopted util-vserver-0.30.208
> (http://packages.debian.org/unstable/net/util-vserver), but I'm want to
> use the stable branch. Should I mix?

I had no problem using the unstable branch for "util-vserver". I needed it,
because the sarge-versions are simply too old.

I compiled a vanilla-kernel ( with the patch- I
did this the traditional way, but the "debian-way" (make-kpgk) should work
too. That way you have your packaged kernel (but I guess you knew that ;) ).
Btw: I used the original config from debian (/boot/config.xxx).

Then I compiled the sources from debian-sid for util-vserver. You can find a
short summary here:

Using "apt-get -t unstable" should work too, but I preferred compiling it
myself. When a new version comes out, I simply patch a new kernel and make new
packages from sid's sources and "dpkg -i" them.

> To much decisions to make ...what's wise to do?

I'll have to meditate about this...


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