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From: Sam Vilain (sam_at_vilain.net)
Date: Mon 12 Sep 2005 - 22:59:20 BST

On Mon, 2005-09-12 at 01:59 +0200, Gilles wrote:
> Nevertheless, I have new problems with "debootstrap".
> (1)
> I used the "--exclude" option in order to not install hardware-related
> packages (and some others):
> at,base-config,console-common,console-data,console-tools,cpio,cron,
> dhcp-client,exim4,exim4-base,exim4-config,exim4-daemon-light,fdutils,
> ifupdown,info,ipchains,iptables,klogd,logrotate,mailx,makedev,man-db,
> manpages,modutils,mount,netbase,netkit-inetd,nvi,pciutils,ppp,
> pppconfig,pppoe,pppoeconf,sysklogd,tasksel,telnet,tcpd,wget
> But, it seems that, contrary to the manpage warning, "debootstrap"
> installs some of them anyway, namely "modutils", "mount" and "makedev".
> These are tagged as "required", but should not be in a vserver.
> Is there a way to deal with this at the "debootstrap" level or is the
> only solution to try and remove them afterwards from within the vserver?

Not really. If you make a "meta-package" that only delivers conflicts:
for the packages you don't want, then set up a minimal debian mirror
that has that meta-package in it, then you can avoid the packages being
installed in the first place. But that's a bit of a hack :).

> (2)
> Here attached are 2 files listing the contents of the "/dev" directory.
> One is after the first stage of "debootstrap" (which seems fine), the
> other after the completion of the second stage; the former contains
> many devices which shouldn't be there in a vserver (strangely, a lot
> of them audio-related).
> Why does this happen and how can it be avoided?
> Although this is more related to Debian than vserver, the main point is
> to try and define the proper method to create a "clean" Debian vserver,
> where by "clean" I mean:
> * Not containing any packages which may attempt to perform actions
> forbidden inside a vserver (i.e. hardware-related stuff).
> * Containing only the strict minimum for the vserver to function as a
> Debian distribution (i.e. with the ability to install and remove
> packages).

After you made sure debootstrap was working outside of `vserver xxx
build', then try to use it with `vserver xxx build -m debootstrap' - it
should clean that up automatically.


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