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From: Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Thu 01 Sep 2005 - 01:48:22 BST

On Wed, Aug 31, 2005 at 04:59:00PM +0200, Nicolas Costes wrote:
> Le Mercredi 31 Août 2005 10:56, Nicolas Costes a écrit :
> > Hello, all, I'm still getting a few vserver hosts to production
> > ;-).. Everything goes fine (There are mainly Samba vservers, not
> > too hard)

sounds good!

but are you sure linux-vserver is the product you
were looking for? because it seems you might be
happier with Xen or UML ...

> > I'm now trying to setup a Netatalk vserver, and the Appletalk
> > protocol seems not to be my friend :( . I only managed to run the
> > afpd service (Afp-over-tcp).

basically all kind of linux supported protocols
will work inside a guest, given that they:

 a) that the host can use them quite fine
 b) the guest has the proper capabilities

> > So, My question is : Are the linux-vservers able to host services
> > other than tcp-based ones ?

yep, but udp, tcp and special icmp are the only
ones supported 'by default' ...

> One more thing : Netatalk tries to load the appletalk kernel module on
> startup, which apparently fails because being inside a vserver. Anyway,
> the module is actually loaded when I start or stop the service ! (There
> is no need for it in the host server, but it appears there to. "One
> kernel to rule the all", huh ?)

yep, that's the main idea behind linux-vserver.
contrary to Xen or UML you have only one kernel
running on the host, no guest kernel, no guest
modules jsut pure 100% userspace there ...

> But atalkd still fails to start arguing that it cannot find any net
> device.

maybe it needs special devices and/or capabilities
don't know yet, never tried to get it working ...
but we can investigate this soon, if you find some
time ...

> This means the appletalk module isn't working.

not necessarily, but might be the cause, did you
load it on the host?

> As installing a kernel and modules in each of my Mandriva vservers is
> mandatory, due to dependencies, it may be the wrong module that is
> loaded... (The host kernel is not the same as the vservers's ones)

well, guest modules and/or kernels are, as I mentioned
before, not used/allowed in linux-vserver, did you
load the guest module on the host?

> I'm stuck there, any idea ?

did you compile your host kernel (the linux-vserver
patched one) with appletalk support?
did you load the proper module and 'configure'
whatever appletalk requires (on the host)?

> How are the non-IP protocols handled but linux-vserver ?

they are not handled at all, most likely you need
special capabilites (like CAP_NET_RAW) to bind non
IP sockets ...

> Are module loads really allowed ?

no, they should not be allowed, are they allowed
for you (inside your guests)?


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