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From: Guenther Fuchs (vserver_at_muh.at)
Date: Mon 22 Aug 2005 - 11:42:37 BST

Hi there,

have now successfully running vs2.0 on kernel on Amd64
(x86_64) with 32bit guest systems created on vs1.2.10 and migrated
w/setting up new configuration dirs.

Everything running fine, only the network interfaces look a bit
strange to me as I do not understand why there's a difference in
ifconfig output on them (all on ipv4 only):

There's an external NIC (eth0) and an internal (eth1), as the base is
a border host between wan and lan. eth0 is not started on the host on
boot, as host should only be visable and available to lan connections.

Output of iconfig shows proper after boot, eth1 is shown correct with
proper LAN IP. After first guest is started (vserver xxx start),
ifconfig on host shows eth0 with IP from first guest. Also connections
from host to internet are now possible (which shouldn't really) with
source IP that first guest IP.

Inside thhat guest ifconfig shows proper data for eth0 (for that host
only), but eth1 is missing the "inet Adress/Bcast/.." line as well as
the alias for that interface (two virtual LANs connected to eth1, so
some guests have access to both).

Each further guest finally then shows eth0 without the adress line and
also eth1 same way, so there's no adress at all visible.

Doesn't look kind of "designed that way" to me - should it? In 1.2.10
ifconfig showed alias names within the guests and all active inter-
faces on the host, here at 2.0 there does not seem to exist alias
names like ethX:guest[N] anymore.

Any ideas where this could source / and maybe fixed? (Best would be to
show only relevant interfaces on each system and also not to allow the
host to connect anywhere using a guest ressource without explicit
specification somewhere).


Guenther Fuchs

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