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Date: Thu 18 Aug 2005 - 08:58:31 BST

> On Tue, Aug 16, 2005 at 10:01:47AM +0200, Matvey Gladkikh wrote:
> > I have small question. Can vserver guests be bind to vlan
> > interfaces eg. bond0.10 not phisical eth0 and eth1?
> Yes

> I have not tested on recent versions so though.

we are running vlans on top of a bridged device and bind guests to this
interfaces and everything seems to work as expected so far.

what we have not yet fully tested, whether different guests in different
vlans can communicate to each other while running on the same host (Kernel).
I suppose thy can, but this does normaly not match the intention sice you
place them in different vlans ;-)

the reason is that it is the same kernal and therefore the packages do not
pass the vlan part of the device driver. a solution could be iptables, the
way we will try to separate the vservers.



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