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From: lukas.rueegg [pixworx multimedia] (lrueegg_at_pixworx.ch)
Date: Wed 17 Aug 2005 - 17:53:05 BST

we have quite a special setup with debian sarge, vanilla kernel
vserver 2.0stable, drbd, lvm2, heartbeat, etc. and got to a very special
problem which we now broke down to the last point of failure, which
seems to be vserver.

the test setup for reproduction is quite simple:
- set up any 'removable' block device (we tested with both drbd 0.7 and
lvm2), mkreiserfs it and mount it.
- start any vserver (which DOES NOT reside on this block-device).
- umount the filesystem on the block device (which happens without any
- try to remove/deactivate the block-device:

-- drbd:
lru_at_granit:~$ sudo drbdadm secondary drbd1
ioctl(,SET_STATE,) failed: Device or resource busy
Someone has opened the device for RW access!
Command '/sbin/drbdsetup /dev/drbd1 secondary' terminated with exit code 20
drbdadm aborting

-- lvm2:
lru_at_granit:~$ sudo lvchange -van /dev/VGsda8/LVsda8
    Using logical volume(s) on command line
    Deactivating logical volume "LVsda8"
    Found volume group "VGsda8"
  LV VGsda8/LVsda8 in use: not removing

we think, this would also happen to any other removable device like an
usb-stick or whatever...

- stop the running vserver
- try again to remove/deactivate the block-device and be surprised: it

- there are also no problems if the filesystem is mounted while the
vserver is already running.
- there seems also no problem with the plain chroot environment, which
we tested.

conclusion: it seems that vserver somehow gets it's hands into this
filesystem and locks it down. surprisingly, the umount works perfectly
and any lsof or fuser-command (also in chcontext 1) doesn't give any

does anyone has any hint about how this could be solved?

thank you very much

pixworx multimedia
lukas rueegg
ch-8005 zurich


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