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From: Mark Williamson (mark.williamson_at_cl.cam.ac.uk)
Date: Thu 04 Aug 2005 - 20:07:24 BST

> yes, xen is just _another_ arch and once it will be in
> mainline (IIRC they are working on it), we will of course
> support it out of the box (as we do for UML now)

Yep, they're working on it now. It's in the Real Soon Now category, just
needs some restructuring. Of possible interest to you is that Xen will be a
sub arch of i386 rather than a separate architecture when it's properly
merged. IIRC only really arch dep stuff in Vserver is the addition of the
syscalls - that code should all be common to Xen and i386 so you probably
won't have to do much (anything) to support it.

> > It'd be good if a reference to this patch could be added to the Xen
> > wiki at http://wiki.xensource.com so that other people know where to
> > find it.
> well, feel free to add links to linux-vserver or to
> patches there ... we have a link to Xen (not the wiki)
> on our wiki since ... hmm, well for a very long time now

I saw it a while back. If Michal is agreeable (i.e. if he's reasonably happy
with the patch) I'll make sure it goes onto the Xen wiki so that people can
ue the two together.

> well, we all would love to see linux-vserver in mainline,
> but I guess the disadvantages of trying to get it into
> mainline (less performant code, only partial implementation,
> two branches to maintain) would easily outweight the
> advantages ...

Ack. In the meantime I'll continue hoping that one day we'll see the mainline
incorporate vserver in a way that makes everyone happy :-)

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