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From: Ola Lundqvist (opal_at_debian.org)
Date: Tue 03 May 2005 - 17:12:52 BST


On Tue, May 03, 2005 at 04:44:58PM +1200, Sam Vilain wrote:
> The older versions (produced by Enrico) have been imported to the
> repository as well. Ola, Jacques, Enrico, you should all have received
> invitations to join OpenFoundry.

As I now have the possiblity to apply a number of fixes directly to this
upstream version I will do so. I need your advice on a number of things
though. If you do not want me to modify some parts here please tell
me as I may do it quite soon. :)

* Is a dependency on perl for building acceptable? I need it as one
of the manpages (vserver-build) is written in .pod format and need
pod2man (provided by perl) to convert to manpage format. I'm not
sure what you think about that. I can probably rewrite it directly
to manpage format but it will take some time (which I do not have too
much of). I also seem to have a different version of vserver manpage
that is regenerated by pod2man (I have forgot that).

* Do you want me to provide the tools available in vserver-debiantools
package? It is a coupele of wrappers around debootstrap or 'vserver ... build'
that make build process slightly easier.

* I will modify vserver-copy to have better rsync options
--numeric-ids -H and maybe some more.

* I will modify vserver-build.debootstrap and vserver-build to suite
Debian better.

* I will add force-reload option to vserver-wrapper, rebootmgr, vprocunhide

* I will modify vserver-stop to remount /proc. This is what is added
right now. I will add it but remove the comments. :)
+# <Bertl> it's a 'feature' introduced by recent kernels ...
+# <Bertl> proc inodes stay around as long as they want to
+# <Bertl> and processes too, even if they are dead
+# <Bertl> as long as the process won't go away, the context will not either
+# <Bertl> and the process won't go away, as long as the proc entry exists ...
+# <Bertl> and the proc entry (in /proc/<pid>...) will remain until the proc inodes are purged
+# <Bertl> maybe I just add a hack to do exactly that on vserver stop
+# <Bertl> but you can also add the proc remount hack in userspace
+mount -o remount,rw /proc

* I will modify vserver-build.functions to suite debian better. This make it
depend on debconf-get-selections so this will make it more debian
specific... Hmm I can make a check if that binary exist and have a
decent default if not. I will do that.
I will also modify it so it do not check for the existance of $VROOTDIR
but instead of $VROOTDIR/etc or something similar so you can create LVM
partitions for the vserver.

* I will make src/vshelper-sync.c have a ifdef on __linux__ instead of
__linux to work better with dietlibc.

* I will modify man/chcontext.8 so it have section 8 inside too.

Well these are the changes that will be applied for now.


// Ola

> If anyone else thinks they might have contributions to make, please
> drop by #vserver on irc.oftc.net to discuss your ideas! Become a
> util-vserver committer today! :)
> Sam.
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