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From: Sam Vilain (sam_at_vilain.net)
Date: Tue 03 May 2005 - 06:21:36 BST

Herbert made an open call for suggestions for improvements today in IRC.

It was noted that a list of enhancements and feature requests already


As well as a list of bugs for util-vserver (anyone care to add these to
the OpenFoundry issue Tracker?):


Automated Test Suites
The idea of automated test suites was suggested. The use of `qemu' (a
virtual machine-ish package), in concert with passing init=testme.sh with
a `standard' image can already be used to achieve some level of automated
testing. Also, Herbert and others have systems with remote reboot
switches and serial consoles, which can be semi-automatically used for
regression testing vserver.

With a little polish, it may be possible to make it trivial to run a full
test of all vserver features with a single Makefile target, so you could
run something like:

     make qemu_test


     make harness_test console=/dev/ttyS1 reboot=/dev/ttyS2

To 'smoke test' the utilities (and the kernel patch too) on virtual or
real hardware when playing with changes.

Bootstrapping Images
The status of debootstrap and `rpmstrap' in the current utilities was
briefly discussed, so that vservers of lots of different types could
easily be built without installing extra utilities manually.

Björn pointed out scripts/vserver-build.debootstrap in the
util-vserver distribution. There are also conflicts with some
combinations of debian and rpm host vs guest building.

The basic problem was agreed to be the way the tools try to install
all the packages from the outside of the vserver, rather than the inside.
Obviously each solution has its own benefits and disadvantages, but only
bootstrapping the package utilities should need a packaging tool
installed on the outer vserver - and that should be easily circumvented
via guest images.

Dummy functionality patch
Herbert also posted a link to a patch he had prepared for the new
functionality of;

   * cloning vservers
   * re-configuring vservers
   * destroying vservers


I hope this is useful to someone!

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