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From: Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Thu 28 Oct 2004 - 05:11:12 BST

On Wed, Oct 27, 2004 at 04:28:27PM -0400, tad_at_oldtools.org wrote:
> > hmm, okay .. so the kernel does not respond to the
> > syscall at all ...
> >
> >> Can't set the ipv4 root (Function not implemented)
> >> chbind failed!
> >
> > same for the second function (networking)
> I've now gotten it working. The only difference between the non-working
> version and the working version is CONFIG_VSERVER_LEGACY (set to y in the
> working version). Is the non-legacy API known to be nonfunctional or am I
> likely missing something else too? (The answer is purely academic to me
> as it works just fine with the legacy API).

ah, yes that explains it ...

well, the network part still requires the legacy api
and the tools (0.30) do not know about the new
(non-legacy) one, so it is pretty expected that this
would happen ...

the question is, why did you change the default?
(which is to enable the legacy api)

> >> chcontext version 0.30
> >> chcontext [ options ] command arguments ...

you should really consider using the alpha util-vserver
(i.e. 0.30.196) otherwise you will miss most of the
vs1.9.x features (basically you just get vs1.2x
features with those tools)

> ...snip...
> >> --secure
> >> Remove all the capabilities to make a virtual server trustable
> >> --silent
> >> Do not print the allocated context number.
> >>
> >> Information about context is found in /proc/self/status
> >
> > hmm, hmm, the tools use a different syntax?
> My guess is that because all of the calls were failing, something in the
> script remained unset and was then passed into chcontext. The testme
> script passes with flying colors now.

yes, that might be possible, they where never tested
with the non-legacy api ...

> >> Linux i686/0.30/0.30 [E]
> >
> > hmm, (checking http://vserver.13thfloor.at/Experimental/)
> > there was no vs1.9.2-2 release? so what patch is that?
> Sorry, my nomenclature, that was my second installed kernel based on
> vs1.9.2. Probably should have been vs1.9.2-tad-is-a-twit-2.

okay, such things should be mentioned, as it might
be misleading (i.e. debian uses -N for example)

> Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, hope I didn't waste too
> much of your time with my own pilot error.

no problem, hope everything is working now as expected,
if not keep asking ...


> /Tad
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