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From: Thomas Weber (l_vserver_at_mail2news.4t2.com)
Date: Wed 22 Sep 2004 - 16:46:20 BST

On Mon, Sep 20, 2004 at 07:38:50PM +0200, Veit Wahlich wrote:
> Hi List!
> Also Samba smbd (here 2.2.7 from RH9 distribution) is somewhat
> problematic when run inside a VServer:
> >From time to time Windows clients hang for several (about 3) minutes
> when accessing files, supposable more frequently when sharing files.
> I traced back this problem to smb oplock code where IP inter-process
> communication is rejected because the source address is not
> This is hardcoded.
> Working around is possible by either patching the hardcoded address or
> by disabling oplocks completely, which might result in a performance
> break down as oplocks allow aggressive client-side caching.
> Oplocks can be globally disabled in the smb.conf by setting 'level2
> oplocks = No', 'oplocks = No' in the [global] section.

So this is still a problem. I had the same problem in a small network (~10
windows clients) at least a year ago (think i reported it to the list also).
It's a locking problem, quite easy to trigger: just try to access a word
file from 2 clients. My solution at this time was to run the smbd from
outside the vserver but chrooted - ugly, but it did (and still does) what
I needed in this case.
(RH8, 2.4.2x kernel, samba 2.2.x - whatever came with RH8)

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