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From: Enrico Scholz (enrico.scholz_at_informatik.tu-chemnitz.de)
Date: Thu 09 Sep 2004 - 07:40:31 BST

hhml_at_zweipol.net (Henrik Heil) writes:

> i know have linux-2.4.26(kernel.org), patch-2.4.26-vs1.3.9 and
> util-vserver-0.29.209, root server distro ist debian woody, vserver
> distro is debian sarge.

Mmmh, that's a really old version of the userspace tools (current
version is 0.30.193). This kernel branch is not supported well;
productive usage/tests are done with kernel 2.4 + vs1.2x and with
kernel 2.6 + vs1.9 only.

> i need fakeinit because i want to use runit as the vserver-init.
> (cmd.start is /sbin/runit)

You could try to use the 'minit' or 'plain' init-style:

| echo minit >/etc/vservers/.../apps/init/style

which should do the "right" thing for such init-methods. But this is
probably not related to your problems...

> 1000 2 60K 12 0m00s10 0m00s00 0m14s64 sarge-template
> when i try to stop the vserver i get the following debug output:
> ++ /usr/local/sbin/vserver-info - FEATURE vkill
> +++ /usr/local/sbin/vserver-info 23 INITPID

strange... there should be a '1000'...

> ++ initpid=-338076288
> ++ /usr/local/sbin/vkill -s INT -- -338076288
> vkill: vc_ctx_kill(): No such process
> ++ fail=1

I can not explain this. It probably caused by some broken kernel-userspace

> Btw. -- is there more documenation for the new utils and configuration

you found already the LinuxTag papers. Another source is

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