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From: Arne Blankerts (blankerts_at_salesemotion.de)
Date: Fri 03 Sep 2004 - 11:15:08 BST

On Fri, 2004-09-03 at 00:55, Roderick A. Anderson wrote:

> > b) when the last process in a context dies, the context
> > is automatically removed and with it the 'notion' of
> > a virtual server

As you quote my fc1-howto, you might reread the section about the
services one wants to start: A (v)Server whithout at least syslog
running is not a complete unix environment. So at least syslog should
be set to active in ntsysv (or via chkconfig manually). Having a syslog
in each vserver keeps the context 'active' and thus visible in

> > so what happens here is not that the vserver is 'idle'
> > because there is no service running inside, it actually
> > does only exist for a few seconds, and vanishes then ...
> >
> > now the expected question, why does it respond to ping
> > then? it doesn't and probably vservers will never respond
> > to pings, but the interface address/alias is configured
> > and as usual the host will answer a ping ...
> I know that!!! I was thinking that if 'vserver xxx start' failed the
> ifconfig would not work so there would be no interface to ping against.

Erm.. who said it failed? The vserver startup works just fine, but since
no processes are running within the context, you can't see anything.
That has NO effect whatsoever on the ip binding.

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