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From: Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Wed 25 Aug 2004 - 23:12:52 BST

Hi Community!

Here goes the third Linux 2.6 development version
of Linux-VServer aka vs1.9.2.

it can be downloaded as all-in-one patch and broken
out devel patches (splits) from:


there is no incremental patch this time, because
the previous release was for 2.6.6 and didn't
get updated to ...

a lot of stuff was added since, so here is a short
overview of the new goodies ...

 - new tagging format UID16
 - NFS support for xid tagging
 - tagxid mounting and display
 - per context disk limit system
 - statfs virtualization
 - improved debug/trace system
 - adapted uptime virtualization
 - usermode helper (reboot)
 - extended limits and accounting
 - additional vserver flags
 - extended vserver capabilities
 - utsname info via proc
 - proc/devpts security fixes

judging from the feedback I got from the release
candidates, this should be pretty solid, that
said, please let me know if anything doesn't work
as expected, so we can improve it in the next
release ...

special thanks go to:

 - Olivier Poitrey (for NFS, xid tagging, limits)
 - Veit Wahlich (spotting the proc/devpts issues)
 - Luc Dumaine and Christoph Mertin (reiser, x86_64)


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