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From: Herbert Poetzl (herbert_at_13thfloor.at)
Date: Fri 20 Aug 2004 - 13:00:21 BST

On Fri, Aug 20, 2004 at 11:37:33AM +0300, Ehab Heikal wrote:
> Thank you Alex I did have alook at your fine project, it is very nice,
> but we have already a lot of time learning Vserver, you do things a bit
> differently, I already have VSERVER running and the migration would be a
> headache.


wasn't that hard to adapt it, but the scheduler stuff
(per vserver process accounting) had to go for now.

btw, the original RH kernel seem broken in many different
ways, some opentions like devfs for example, will not
allow the kernel to be built at all, not to speak of
other archs ... anyway, this is not considered stable
but it seems to work ...


> Alex Lyashkov wrote:
> >?? ??????, 19.08.2004, ?? 15:46, Ehab Heikal ??????????:
> >
> >>Yes I know most of the time this is the case, but still I would feel
> >>more comfortable buying such a product if I could do a RH 2.4X kernel.
> >>Does any one know how or if it has already been done?
> >>
> >see FreeVPS home page - www.freevps.com.
> >This product based at RH EL kernels and have many additions as compared
> >with VServer. As full separated per VPS ipv4 stack (include
> >iptables/routings and virtual network devices), CPU QoS.
> >
> >>Arne Blankerts wrote:
> >>>On Tue, 2004-08-17 at 14:35, Ehab Heikal wrote:
> >>>>Has anyone patched the RedHat kernels rather than plainvanilla
> >>>>kernel.org kernels? Are there any problems with it? Are they available
> >>>>for download anywhere?
> >>>>I need them since a specific driver supports only RH kernels or so its
> >>>>vendor says.
> >>>>
> >>>If that's not a binary-only driver, that's pretty much going to be
> >>>bullshit. They may only "support" offical rh-kernels, but the driver is
> >>>supposed to work in any kernel of the same version.
> >>>
> >>>Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Regards,
> >>> Arne Blankerts
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