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From: Justin Fielding (justin_at_okulyillari.com)
Date: Tue 03 Aug 2004 - 13:40:56 BST

Hi, I will start by saying that I am new to linux. I can install Feroda
with the packages I need, and also install Apache/mySQL/php from source
so I have the versions I want. I'm trying to learn as fast as I can,
but as I am also developing a very complicated website, I don't have a
great deal of time.
I am just about to rebuild my local linux testing server with Feroda
Core 2. I would like to be able to run a few virtual hosts, e.g.
live.okulyillari.com (clone of live site), development.okulyillari.com
(for work in progress / testing), experimental.okulyillari.com (for
testing on a different platform, PHP5 + mySQL 4.1.2) and also
development.orhaniye.net. Now setting most of these up as simple
virtual hosts would be no problem, and therefore I wouldn't need to use
vserver. But, if I want to use different versions of PHP and mySQL,
then setting up vservers could be a real advantage, also meaning I could
test configuration changes without messing up all of the hosts.
Anyway, to the point. I can't find much about installing vserver on an
FC2 machine. The linux kernel is 2.6 and for a novice like me all of
this kernel patching etc is quite deep. Is there a nice tutorial out
there which I have missed? If not, can anyone who has done what I am
trying give me some tips on what deviations I will need to make from the
Feroda core 1 tutorial / howto?
Many Thanks,
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