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From: Veit Wahlich (cru_at_legalized.de)
Date: Mon 26 Jul 2004 - 14:41:29 BST

Am Mo, den 26.07.2004 schrieb Ehab Heikal um 14:25:
> How do I compile latest 1.28 for SMP ( dual xeons I am dreaming to get )

You should not expect any problems. Simply enable SMP. Set the max.
number of CPUs to 4 to enable both SMP and Hyperthreading. Some people
prefer a value of 8 for 2 CPU Xeon systems because of any timing
profits, but I believe this to be a superstition and it did only make
sense in earlier 2.4 kernels where a bug prevented the second CPU to be

> Does anyone know of a good SATA raid controller that is known to work
> with vserver in any RH based distro for the main server?

3ware is the only manufacturer of _real_ (read: enterprise class)
ATA/SATA-RAID solutions I know about. I have a total of 14 3ware
controllers in action (6250, 7200, 7006-2, 7006-4, 8506-8, 9500S-8) and
all of them perform very well.
Be sure to purchase a hot-swap capable backplane and consider using SATA
_server_ harddisks! They are usually SCA-like sized (36G, 73G, 146G)
should be available thru any better wholesaler or distributor. Although
their price is comparable to SCA solution, their advantages over SCA
RAID are a better resulting performance thru higher total bandwidth and
lower 'bus' latency and there is no sharing bus so one defective HD
controller might not disable the whole storage system from working as it
sometimes happens on bus-based systems.

Best regards,
// Veit

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