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From: Gebhardt Thomas (gebhardt_at_hrz.uni-marburg.de)
Date: Mon 19 Jul 2004 - 10:02:36 BST

On Friday 16 July 2004 15:43, Herbert Poetzl wrote:


thank you very much for your answer:

> here are some facts:
> - the VM is called AS at kernel level for good reason,
> because it's not virtual memory but Address Space.
> - ps calls it VMZ for whatever reason.
> - vserver-stat is legacy compatible in the output, and
> jackques decided to label it VMZ but display it in
> MB which is just another variation ...
> - the AS can be large, sometimes larger than the
> RAM + SWAP space even for one process (ask SUN about
> that ;)
> - it doesn't make much sense to account address spaces
> only once, just because they point to the same data
> either in memory or swap ...

Ah, I see. So VSZ is actually the accumulated amount of address space
within a vserver.

Is there a tool to estimate the actual (virtual) memory consumption
of a specific vserver? Just to answer the question: my box has x GB RAM
and y GB swap space: how many vserver of that type will fit onto that

> - RSS (Resident Set Size) is something completely
> different, it's the ammount of data resident in the
> system memory (available from RAM) ...

That's another odd item. The RSS values reported by vserver-stat
are ridiculously small (maybe off by a factor of 1024?). Just a few kB
per active vserver running apache.

Cheers, Thomas
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