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From: Cutes A. Civilizing (mingo_at_indiya.com)
Date: Tue 30 Mar 2004 - 22:35:43 BST

May 11-15 - the international conference in Crimea

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen: We would like to welcome you to the first international scientific conference on the
following topic:

“Practical Aspects of the Land Law Realization in Ukraine: Peculiarities, Problems and Ways of Solving.”

The conference is going to take place on May 11-15, 2004 in Yalta, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Livadiya

With the adaptation of the new Land Code in Ukraine the right of land use has become the real investment opportunity for
Ukrainian and foreign companies.

The basic themes to be discussed at the conference:
1. Land law in Ukraine: analysis, practice of usage, perspective standard acts
2. Regulation of the land purchase and sale treaties. Acquisition of land by foreign individuals and legal entities
3. Legal regulation of usage and sale of agricultural land.
4. Rent of land plots: practice of usage and gaps in the legislation, settlement of arguments.

Invited to participate
- representatives of the State Committee of Ukraine on Land Resources,
- representatives of the Institute of Agriculture of the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences (UAAS),
- representatives of the Institute of Land Planning of the UAAS,
- representatives of the Kyiv municipal administration of land resources,
- representatives of the Agrarian Policy Ministry of Ukraine,
- representatives of the Yalta municipal administration of land resources,
- representatives of the Simferopol municipal administration of land resources,
- representatives of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine Committee on agrarian policy issues,
- representatives of the president’s administration,
- deputies of Ukraine,
- executive authorities,
- heads of the state administrations and institutions of local governing,
- independent experts.

Location of the conference:

The Livadiya palace - the former summer residence of the last Russian emperor Nikolay II – is the main place of interest
in Yalta. At present it’s one of the most frequently visited palaces of the architecture. This palace which belongs to
Italian Renaissance architecture was designed by the prominent Yalta architect and academician Krasnov S.P. (1865—1939).
The palace is surrounded by the ancient park which was laid out in 1835. It’s the biggest park in Crimea, the area together
with the nearby territory of Oreanda makes 160 hectares. Oreanda is the elite health resort which was the summer residence
of the general secretary of the USSR Brezhnev and other soviet and communist leaders.
At present the palace is the constant meeting place of the presidents of Ukraine and Russia.

Residence of the participants:
The health center “Chernomorie” in Livadiya is the most wonderful place of the south coast of Crimea. It’s famous for the
estates of the tsar family and ones of the tsar close ministers which were built here in the 19th century. The wonderful
subtropical evergreen park of Livadiya fills the air with balsamic aromas and the sea wind adds the salubrious micro
particles of the sea salts to the unique natural cocktail.
The residents enjoy a swimming pool with sea water, a billiard room, a gymnasium, a library, a hairdresser’s and beauty
salons, post office, currency exchange office, railway and airline ticket offices, parking place.

Participation fee for one person:

1200 ˆ

The fee includes:
• Transfer:
Simferopol – Yalta - Simferopol
• Staying in de luxe suites.
• Full board (breakfast, dinner, supper)
• Participation in the conference
• Consultation
• Specially designed collection of materials
• CD with materials and information
• Crimea sightseeing tours (Vorontsovski Palace, horse rides to Ai-Petri, visiting the tasting room of the “Massandra”
• Evening party for the participants
• Coffee-breaks

Registration of the participants: Multichannel line will start working beginning with the 2nd of April 2004, here you can
register and get more detailed information on the conference.

To participate in the conference you should register before the 1st of May .
1. Phone: +38 (044) 233-45-97
2. Get the invoice
3. Confirm the payment and register by sending the copy of the payment order by fax: (044) 454-98-79

Get more detailed information:
 phone:+ 38 (044) 233-45-97

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